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Following completion of the purchasing process and/or restoration project, our next goal is to ensure all commitments imposed by Italian legislation are upheld.

We know that it is the small things in life that make a big difference and therefore, our Property Management service cares for our Client’s every need. Be it the: cutting of the grass, pruning of the olive trees, checking of the pipes for leakage, heating regulation during the winter months, payment of utility bills or keeping up with the annual tax on the property.

Whilst it is by far the easiest method of payment, paying utility bills by direct debit does not account for damaged fuses caused by lightning – turning a ‘wonderful weekend at our Italian home’ into two days without electricity.

It also remains true that paying the Annual Property Tax (IMU) is a simple task by means of replicating the form from the previous year. Unbeknownst to many, however, the tax calculation parameters have been subject to changes over the last few years.

These slight, yet significant, changes are the reason we provide Property Management services for those Owners who wish to walk into a clean and warm ‘home away from home’.

An array of services at your disposal!


Basic Package

Representation  –  Acting as a point of contact between the Owner and local authorities, utility companies and the neighbours in order to solve any small issues that may occur.

Payment of bills  –  Includes payment of utility bills: electricity, water, gas and landline. But also taxes such as IMU (tax on property) and Environmental Waste tax.

Property Inspection  –  Monthly checks of the house and property during the periods when the house is unoccupied.

Live carefree. Let us do the dirty work!


House Package

House keeping  –  Periodical cleaning of the house. The times per week or per month vary in accordance with the needs of each Owner. The changing of bed linen, washing and ironing at the end of the stay may also be included in this package.

Grounds keeping  –  This service not only cares for the essentials of gardening (periodical pruning of the plants and trees, upkeep of the lawn and summer watering), but, embraces the annual pruning of the olive trees and vines (including the making of olive oil and wine).

House preparation  –  Prior to the visit of the Owners, or of their guests, the house is cleaned and, during winter, heated a few days in advance. The purchase of basic foodstuff may also be included in this service.

Open the door to find no unwanted surprises.


Aid Services

These are ‘spot’ services available when needed.

The following services are billed on an hourly basis when the existing problem is solved with less than two hours work. Otherwise, a quotation is presented to the Owner with the list of repairs and the relevant prices and, once the price is agreed, the work is completed.

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Mason
  • Joiner
  • Blacksmith

Fumigation  –  This service includes the first fumigation and pest control of the property and buildings with subsequent, periodical checks. The placing and checking of traps as well as the spreading of special powders around the perimeter to keep ‘unwanted guests’ at bay may also be included in this service. Each service is billed separately.

A team of experienced craftsmen.

Comfort Services
Services at your disposal to make life a bit more pleasant.
Experienced Cook  –  Whether you are eating with guests or it’s just the two of you, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.
Personal Driver  – Need an airport pick-up? Wish to visit another town but don’t feel like driving? Perhaps hiring a car is not the best solution for you. They will take you wherever you want to go.
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