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Whilst it’s admirable to see the resilience of the Italian market and it’s allure to non-Italian buyers, it remains evident that what our Client seeks, first and foremost, is a trustworthy partner throughout the often lengthy, sometimes tedious, yet, certainly rewarding process of buying a property overseas. Thus, Case in Italia are committed to one simple idea: to walk hand in hand with our Client from the moment they find their ideal property to the moment that property becomes a fully restored, ideal home.

A wider range of services and a genuine feeling of confidence and reliance.


For the services mentioned below we charge:

  • a fixed percentage for complete assistance up to the Deed of Purchase;
  • a variable yearly sum dependent on the number of post-sale services provided.

Highly competitive prices in a unique market. You will never feel alone.

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Upon final purchase, we often find our Client is very eager to continue their journey with us and thus, have provided further services to aid them in making their house a home.

  • Introduction to an Architect and to local professionals
  • Guidance through the design and licensing process up to the planning permission
  • Client representation with local authorities
  • Definition of reconstruction costs
  • Sourcing of the Builder and other subcontractors
  • Expert selection of materials and suppliers
  • Drafting and definition of the Building Contract
  • Joint Project Management alongside the Architect
  • Issuing of Work Progress Certificates
  • Organizing and managing payments on Client’s behalf.

As well as the following general services:

  • Connection of utilities including definition of contracts
  • Calculation and payment management of Annual Property Tax (ICI).
  • Calculation and payment management of Environmental Waste Tax
  • Payment management of utility bills


  • Property insurance
  • Property management including building(s) and grounds keeping.
  • Seeking out of cultivation specialists for vine, fruit and olive tree care.

Evaluation of available financing for crops present on the property.

Complete assistance, indeed!

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